DIY Gifts in a Jar

Feel like putting a little more effort into your gifts then just buying exactly what was on their list? Why not DIY one! I love being able to put my own special touches on gifts – I feel it makes them that much more meaningful. It’s also really fun to pick out everything that goes into making a gift and finally seeing the finished product plus the look on your loved ones face when they open it! I have two super easy DIY gifts you can put together in a jar for anyone from a work acquaintance to your mom 🙂

One of my favorite places to find cute and small gift accessories is Target. The dollar section they have at the front of the store always have some treasures, you just have to be willing to look 😉 I also love their beauty section as well. Whenever I go down that aisle, I become pleasantly surprised at all of the new products they have and the wide variety of brands to choose from. Name brands aren’t always the best ones; you have to experiment every now and then to find what works for you!

Now for my two DIYs in a Jar! The first one I made was a “Spa in a Jar”. I thought of things that I would use when I want to relax and unwind after a long day to put inside. However, the trick here is to make sure all the products will fit! I was so bummed when I got home after buying this super cute bath bomb to realize it was too big to fit in jar 😦 I learned that lesson for next time lol. A great place to find products small enough is the travel section. Everything is already the perfect size to fit right into the jar!

Spa in a Jar

DIY Gifts in a Jar

Ideas to put in your jar:


nail polish

face mask

lip balm

charcoal mask

epsom salt

bath balm (make sure it’s small! lol)

sugar scrubs

bubble bath

Add a cute Christmas tag and some twine or ribbon and you’re done!

DIY Gifts in a Jar

Now for the second DIY: “Hot Chocolate in a Jar”! This one came out so much better then I was expecting and was so fun to make! I did have to do some searching for some of my ingredients that I specifically wanted, but this one can be done so many ways, you can really make it personalized to yourself or whomever the gift is for! For my jar, I knew I wanted to have full sized cinnamon sticks for added decoration, and who knew that I would happen to find them at Marshall’s?? All the other ingredients I found at Target, but these can be found in whatever grocery store you may normally shop at too.

Hot Chocolate in a Jar

DIY Gifts in a JarIdeas to put in your jar:

hot chocolate mix

chocolate chips




powdered sugar

cinnamon sticks

dry milk mix

Tie the cinnamon sticks around the outside of the jar and you’re done!


After making these Gifts in Jars, I’ve been so inspired to make more gifts! When you can really put effort into a gift, it not only shows when they are given, but it makes you feel amazing on the inside as well. I hope you guys have fun trying these DIYs out, and let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

DIY Gifts in a Jar


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