Why the Small Muscles Matter + How to Strengthen Them

No one goes to look into the mirror to check out how strong their shins have gotten… It’s almost funny to even think about. But smaller muscles like your shins, hips and lower abs are all extremely important. Small muscles like these help to stabilize the larger ones we love to show off. When these are too weak, we tend to over use and over work the larger ones which can lead to injury and wear and tear. The small muscles keep us functional and when these become strong enough to work on their own, it allows us to strengthen the larger ones even more! And luckily, strengthening them is super simple!

Here are three key exercises to help you strengthen your smaller muscles:

1.  Side Leg Lifts

  • Lay on one side and make sure your body is directly stacked on top of itself
  • Lift your top leg into the air. Control the motion going up and down
  • You should feel this in your top hip
  • Do about 3×15 on each leg


2. Flutter Kicks

  • Lay on your back and put your hands either behind your head or to your sides
  • Press your lower back into the ground
  • Lift your legs and switch between which is up and down
  • Do about 3×25 counting each leg as a rep


Make sure to stretch it out when you finish!


3. Shin Lifts

  • Find a weight plate and place it on top of both feet evenly (I have a 45lb weight)
  • Lean against a wall to support yourself and raise and lower your feet while being in control
  • You should feel this burn in your shins
  • Do about 3×20 reps


Although these small muscles aren’t as glamorous as the large ones we love to show off, they are just as important!

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Let me know if you try out any of these exercises and how it went!



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