Get Your Halloween Costume in Formation

Need a quick last minute Halloween costume? Why not go as the Queen B herself?! It’s way simpler than it looks and you can use all things you already have in your closet. Here’s what you need:

  1. A black hat
  2. Black off the shoulder top or dress
  3. Black skirt if you aren’t wearing a dress
  4. Black tights
  5. Black boots
  6. A ton of silver jewelry

And that’s it! I got my hat from H&M but all of these pieces you either will already have at home or you can get from anywhere. My top and all of my jewelry are from Charlotte Russe. My skirt I’ve had for so long I can’t even remember where it’s from lol! My tights are from and the boots are from Belk.

The best part about this costume is that you can wear all of the pieces again without them looking like they came from a costume! I had so much fun putting this look together and I hope it gave you guys some last minute inspiration! Let me know in the comments what you’re dressing up as this year!


2 thoughts on “Get Your Halloween Costume in Formation

  1. Beyonce has plenty of iconic looks to choose from. Good idea to draw from her past for a quick, fun, edgy, and fashionable costume. You’ve caught the essence of this one. Maybe go old school with her “Survivor” next year? LOL!

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