Cute, Comfy, and Casual – An Athleisure Look

I love to be comfy and cute doing my everyday activities and a simple athleisure look is usually my go to. Being a student athlete, it can be hard to dress up for classes because I’m  coming from practice most of the time and that involves wearing workout clothes. This look is a perfect balance for me to combine fashion with practicality.

If you don’t know, athleisure is a combination of athletic wear mixed with regular clothes that make a unique stylish look. It really came about when it started to become more acceptable to wear athletic clothes on the daily. You can become super creative when styling athleisure because it encoumpasses all types of pieces. I’ve seen some people with leather jackets, workout tanks, and a cute pair of running shoes, and although it sounds crazy, it really works together to give you a personal style no one else has.

Cute, Comfy, and Casual - an Athleisure LookCute, Comfy, and Casual - an Athleisure Look

My cap is a super soft suede material that is perfect for everyday wear. It’s from H&M and I love how comfortable it feels while looking great in pictures too! I’ve seen so many girls on Instagram wearing these while they work out, but I would definitely wear something a little more breathable if I was going to be sweating a lot. Coming from someone who competes at high levels, functionality comes before fashion when you’re seriously training.

I also have on my favorite leggings from girlfriend collective, a simple white crop top from Forever 21 and I tied a nice denim button down around my waist for an extra flair of style. My cross body purse is from Nordstrom Rack and my shoes are all black Nike Air Huarache’s.

Cute, Comfy, and Casual - an Athleisure LookCute, Comfy, and Casual - an Athleisure LookCute, Comfy, and Casual - an Athleisure Look

These types of looks really embody who I am as a person. All of my life I’ve done sports from gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, dance, and of course track 😉 so wearing athletic clothes comes very natural to me. But I also LOVE fashion. Dressing up and picking out outfits is so fun and I could really do it all day. That’s why I love the whole athleisure wave that’s going on. What could be better than mixing my two worlds together into one look??

When you can have practicality mixed with style, you make it to a whole other level of fashion. Most runway shows have such high fashion looks that are not wearable in the day to day lifestlye most of us live. That’s why it takes creative minds to take inspiration from them and turn it into looks that are wearable. I find the best way to be inspired is to look to the models that are around high fashion all the time. They get to see it first hand and have stylists who pick out cute and casual looks for them while still keeping a high end finish to it. That’s a reason why my dream job is to be a stylist. You get to use your creativity to solve unique problems like making high fashion something everyone can partake in.

Cute, Comfy, and Casual - an Athleisure LookCute, Comfy, and Casual - an Athleisure LookCute, Comfy, and Casual - an Athleisure Look

I hope you all were inspired by my athleisure look and come up with some unique ways to mix your athletic wear with other clothes you have hanging in your closet. If you have any questions about styling an athleisure look, let me know in the comments! Let’s keep it creative!


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