Last Bit of Autumn Look

Now that November is over, autumn is basically gone too. Every now and then we get a surprise of warm weather here in Ohio, so that is what this look is based off of: the last bit of autumn before the frigid winter awaiting us. Soon the snow will be here and the negative wind chill will be blowing us down. But because autumn is one of the best seasons for fashion, here is my last hurrah before I’ll be bundled up in a huge down coat.

Last Bit of Autumn Look

My favorite part of this look is my blue with white stripes, off the shoulder top that I got from H&M (link here). The bows on the sleeves are super cute and delicate that add such a feminine touch to the top. It’s made out of 100% cotton which makes it super comfortable to wear too. The vertical stripes are a fun way to add some pattern without being too in your face. Plus I love the colors.

Last Bit of Autumn LookLast Bit of Autumn Look

I paired the top with some of my favorite high waisted, ripped, black jeans from Fashion Nova (link here). These are probably the stretchiest and most comfortable jeans out there. I have never found another that fits as comfortably as these do. I also love the ripped jean detail in the knee too. I rolled mine up slightly past the ankle for some added flair. Bit of Autumn Look

My backless, loafer mules are totally Gucci inspired (minus the fact that they are now furless as of a few months ago lol) but I got them at Target for a complete steal (link here)! The fur adds some extra comfort and the buckle detail is super cute. Overall I find these as a true classic that I will wear over and over again.

Gold accessories are my preference over silver, because of how it looks again’t my skin complexion, and this outfit is no exception. When it comes to jewelry, I either like to have a few larger pieces or a bunch of small details. Small touches can really bring a look together.

Last Bit of Autumn OutfitLast Bit of Autumn Outfit

I hope this look gave you some autumn inspiration for the last couple warm days we will have. Look out for some awesome holiday and Christmas posts coming up the rest of December! Subscribe to keep up with all the fun!


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