Keep Your Ears Warm in Style

During these cold winter months, my least favorite thing is when the wind burns my ears. Wind chill in Ohio can take our 40 degree weather down to 20 if it really wanted to. That’s why I’ve invested in a bunch of ways to keep my ears warm! But of course they have to be cute 😉 Here are some of the ways I keep my ears warm in style.

Thick Gray Headband

This headband has my ears toasting by the time I get to my destination. It has a warm fleece lining on the inside that protects my ears from becoming little ice blocks and I love the knit detail on the outside that gives it an extra touch of cute. This headband has definitely been one of my go-to’s for it’s functionality and style. Mine is by Champion that I got years ago and it has lasted pretty well.

Knit Gray Hat

I love me a cute knit hat, and this one from H&M really captured my heart. The sweater like details and the puff at the top remind me of being cuddled up on a cold winter day and that’s exactly how my ears feel while wearing it. A knit hat is definitely a staple for this season.

Fashion Knot Headband

This is probably the most stylish headband I’ve bought and it’s still does a great job of covering my ears. I got it at Forever 21 a few years back, and for how affordable it was, it is still in great shape. They are known for their trendy pieces and it’s a great place to look for some adorable winter accessories.

Fun Festive Hat

This penguin hat was given to me as a gift and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since! I love that it’s fun and relatable to how cold I’m actually feeling lol. Hats like these are the perfect way to add a little laughter to your life or to someone else passing by.

Holiday Headband

Need another way to get into the holiday spirit? This headband is the perfect choice! The bright red with the snowflake pattern is the perfect combination to get me all excited for everything the holidays bring. This knit headband won’t let you down in spirit or warmth.

Whatever cold state you may live in, I hope these ways to keep your ears warm inspired you and gave you some ideas for yourself. Stay warm and subscribe to get my posts sent directly to you!


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