Fitness Resolutions for My Senior Track Season

Track season is finally upon us and I’m so excited! After my achilles tendon surgery in October, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to compete at the collegiate level. Through lots of rehab, prayers, and support, I am so glad I will be able to run for my last year in college. It won’t be an easy road, but I’m ready for the challenge. Not only is this the start to a new season, but also to a new year! A new year is a great time to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished and learned in the past year and plan for the next one! Here is my list of fitness resolutions for my senior track season:

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water has always been a struggle for me. However, when I do drink enough (usually when my coach makes me lol) I can really tell the difference it makes in my performance and overall health. I want to give myself the best opportunities at every meet and drinking plenty of water will definitely help. Staying hydrated also does wonders for your skin, hair and nails too FYI.

Fitness Resolutions for My Senior Track Season

Be Conscious of What I Put in my Body

I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to all things sugar. Juice, candy, and anything else I can snack on that taste good. What a lot of people don’t do, including me at times, is check the ingredients of food we put into our body. And not only what it’s made of, but the amount of it and the serving size that is in the item as well. Some treats are tricky when they say it may only have 10 grams of sugar but there are 5 servings in the whole container! I really want to make sure that I am eating the best fuel to grow stronger and run faster.

Be Focused and Aware During Practice

The preseason flew by so fast, and I know indoor and outdoor will be gone just as fast if not faster. I want to make every second I have left as a Buckeye sprinter count. I want to be fully engaged during every practice. During every set. During every lift. Going through the motions is a waste of precious time. I want to enjoy my last season and really give it my all. I want every rep to matter and help me achieve my goals.

Fitness Resolutions for My Senior Track Season

Be Fearless When I Race

One of my downfalls as a track runner is not having the best self confidence. Last year was a huge milestone for me in this area and I want to continue my growth this year too. Before a race, it’s easy to think about everything that could go wrong or how you may not be fully prepared. I’ve learned that no matter how true those may be, doubt in yourself can be even more detrimental. This year, I want to race fearlessly just to see how much further I can push myself and how much more I can accomplish.

Take Care of My Body After Every Practice

Recovery is key, let me tell you! And after a practice that kills you, getting treatment is the last thing I want to do, but it is critical to performance. Especially since I had surgery not that long ago, recovery and maintenance on my body will be extremely important. This is my only body and I really want it to be in tip-top shape for everything I’m planning to do this year.

I really want to stick to these resolutions so that I can have an amazing senior season and go out with a bang. Let me know in the comments what your resolutions are for this year! Happy New Year everyone!!


4 thoughts on “Fitness Resolutions for My Senior Track Season

  1. Great fitness advice for a new year! Thanks.

    Do you have any extra tips to help me with a couple of these recommendations? Sorry to ask for so much, but you got me thinking.

    How can I be more focused and aware during training? What should I focus on? Usually, I just let my mind wander or listen to an audiobook on long runs or music while lifting.

    Also, it’s very hard for me to be fearless when I race (mostly 5Ks) or even train. I always feel like I’m holding back some, even when I’m not worried about something going wrong. What helps you run or workout fearlessly? I feel like preparing well, knowing good form and technique, and having the right equipment helps me. Also, having a partner at least know what I’m planning to do helps. I sometimes send a location notification to my partner before setting out on a challenging training run. And, if I do any challenging lifting, I ask for a spotter. Since back surgery a few years ago, I definitely scaled back on my “fearless” lifting.

    I don’t usually stretch or cool down after a run, even though I know I should. I’ll try to be better at that and maybe break through on my plateaus. Other than cool-down running and stretching, do you recommend anything else?

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  2. I don’t mind helping at all:)

    During practice, I am fully engaged when I’m trying and putting in effort. It can be easy to just run and not really think about what I’m doing. I can be focused on my form, keeping my abs engaged, or pushing myself at the end of the sprint instead of slowing down before the finish line. For longer runs it can be harder to do this with such a great amount of time to pass. I think listening to audio books and music are still great ways to pass the time, but I recommend that you could have check points in your run. In the beginning, set yourself up for a great run, get on pace, and start off well. During the middle of your run, do a body check to make sure everything is going smoothly or adjust to how you are feeling. Lastly, at the end of your run, finish strong and maybe push yourself just a little more than you did last time. While lifting, definitely be safe, but the best way for me to be focused is to really feel what muscle I am exercising and making sure I’m not compensating to make it easier on myself.

    One thing that helped me tremendously last year with running fearlessly was the amazing support system I had in my family and my boyfriend. However, there is no trick or secret to running fearlessly, you just have to go for it! The turning point for me was last year in the first open 400m I ran outdoor season in Florida. My nerves were extremely high, I could tell my chest was getting tight from it as well. I honesty had to take a big breath, trust my training and I went for it. I had to block out the doubts I had in my head and tell myself, “I am fast and I can do this.” I had to push out the thoughts of failure and embarrassment. It’s still hard to do now, but with practice and the excitement of the reward in performance, it gets easier every time.

    My absolute favorite way to recover is to take a hot epsom salt bath! All you do is run a hot a bath, let the salt dissolve, and relax. You want the water hot enough so that you’re sweating a little, but not too hot that you feel like you’re going to pass out. You only need to soak for about 10-12 minutes and make sure to stretch out after and you will feel super relaxed and a lot of your soreness will be gone too. Here is a link to the epsom salt I’m loving at the moment ( I take a hot epsom salt bath every night before I race and I can really tell the difference on race day.

    Hope these helped and defiantly reach out if you need any more advice! 🙂


  3. Great resolutions for the new year! When I do my long runs, I am just looking forward to the end instead of pushing myself at the end. I will have to change my thinking. Because of the cold weather, I find myself running indoors (this is not my favorite thing to do). How do you overcome the boredom of running of a treadmill? I love running outside and miss it when the weather temperature is below freezing.

    My running resolutions include getting stronger, increasing my miles and running under 9:00 per mile. My goal is to complete a quarter marathon and possibly a half marathon as well this year! I will incorporate all your advice.

    I pray divine favor and great success for you as you begin your season. You already have all the seeds of a great runner within you.. you need to let these seeds grow and blossom. Run with strength, with power, with determination, and with a mindset of a champion that you are. All of God’s best to you.

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    1. I’m not much of a treadmill runner myself 😅 haha but I would try switching up which machine you use. You could try the elliptical or bike. You can also listen to music or podcasts.
      I love your goals! Keep up the hard work♥️


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