Teddy Bear Coat

The cutest trend thats sweeping your Instagram feed: the Teddy Bear Coat! As soon as I started seeing these adorable coats, I knew I had to buy one. No doubt. They are sooo soft and not to mention super photogenic. This is one trend that I hope sticks around for awhile!

A great coat can really make an outfit, especially when it becomes cold outside. I love when you can add layers and take layers off and you still look put together no matter what. It makes me feel like I have my whole life together honestly lol

One of my favorite ways to style this coat is with all black underneath. Since it’s cold and snowy outside, I put on my favorite black winter boots and some black thermal leggings. The all black gives the coat a great canvas to really shine and stand out with no distractions. Other ways I’d wear this is with all white underneath or with ripped jeans and a neutral top.


I’ve been wanting this coat since it started to get cold outside, but could never quite pull the trigger till I found it on boohoo.com (link here)! I’ve bought at least 3 different coats off this website and have loved every single one. The quality is really great for the prices and they make sure to keep up with new trends and styles as they appear.


I mean seriously… how can you not love this coat?! I’ve been obsessed ever since I bought it and it’s definitely one I will be drawn to grab time and time again.

How are you guys staying warm in style this winter?


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