Spring Break Training Trip

Spring Break Training Trip

As a track student athlete, usually I don’t get to go on spring break vacations because we have to train. We’re technically starting our outdoor season so taking a week off wouldn’t do very much good. However, this spring break, the coaches we’re nice enough to take us to Orlando, Florida to train all week in the warm sun 🙂 We also got to compete at the University of Central Florida that Friday and Saturday.

Spring Break Training Trip
Bags Packed and Ready to Go!

Normally when traveling, we stay in your average hotel room: plain beds, view of another building, and if you’re lucky, a mini fridge. But we were definitely spoiled this spring break. We stayed at a Luxury House at The Encore Reuion in Kissimmee, Florida. They had a large community of luxury houses ranging from 3-14 bedrooms! I stayed in a house with 9 other girls and was lucky enough to get the master bedroom suite. My room had a king size bed, a wide screen TV, two large walk in closets, a deep soaker tub, a large shower, two sinks, and private access to the backyard pool and jacuzzi.

Spring Break Training TripSpring Break Training TripSpring Break Training TripSpring Break Training Trip

All of the other rooms had their own bathrooms as well and every room in the house also had a TV. There we’re two stories in this house, and each had their own living room. The dining room had a huge table with enough space to sit everyone in the house. The kitchen was a little small to have everyone cooking in there at the same time, but still had beautiful finishes that went with the rest of the house.

Spring Break Training TripSpring Break Training TripSpring Break Training TripSpring Break Training Trip

It was so nice to get some great weather to train in outside. Ohio is still pretty cold, so many days we still practice inside on our 200 meter flat track which is much different from our outdoor 400 meter track. The sun felt amazing and I loved being able to practice hard and come back to the house and relax even harder. The trip definitely wasn’t all fun and games. Practices were intense, and certain days we had to practice twice in the same day.

But I felt very blessed to be part of the selected group to go on such an amazing training spring break for my senior year. Lots of memories were made, and bonds between teammates became stronger too. This is one trip I won’t soon forget.

Spring Break Training Trip


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